100 Light Street Plaza

Renewed Urban Space to Entice & Energize

Baltimore, MD


Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)


Construction Insight, BKM, Morris Ritchie & Associates, Plano-Coudon


$7.5 Million


Urban Design, Rooftop/Design, Social Distance Design, Downtown Improvement / Streetscape Planning (Revitalization), Permitting, Design Team Coordination (Project Lead), Construction Administration

100 Light Sketch Plan View of 100 Light Street Plaza

Located on the roof of the building’s parking garage and overlooking Baltimore’s iconic waterfront the renovation of 100 Light Street Plaza was initiated by a multi-million-dollar water-proofing project. As part of a broad rebranding effort, COPT challenged Floura Teeter to reimage this vital plaza, to embrace new materials, dynamic landforms, planting, and to create true people-centric spaces.

100 Light Programmatic Diagram


Through collaboration, the design team imagined a lush, dynamic landscape and then carved out circulation and gathering areas. The result is a fluid, organic, people-focused environment complementing the city framework and 40-story office tower.

Aerial Rendered View of the Plaza from Pratt Street
Lawn Rendering View of the Plaza


Built completely on structure, Light Street Plaza encompasses nearly a full city block. To achieve the desired planting vision, Floura Teeter collaborated with design partners to create visually dynamic planters using concrete curbs, sculpted Corten metal, integrated seating platforms, and retaining walls. Design elements were carefully coordinated with the existing structural slab and drainage, using lightweight manufactured soils, insulation layers for mounded planting, and placement of large trees aligned to the structural grid. Sweeping paving bands accentuate pedestrian movements and define spaces. Movable tables and chairs, oversized seating platforms, benches, and a natural turf lawn offer tenants a comfortable outdoor environment for both work and play.

Project Team