20 Benefits of Engaging Streetscapes

Pedestrian plaza at 250 W Pratt St

This year Floura Teeter turns 20! To celebrate, throughout 2020 we will be sharing compilations of the top 20 ideas that energize our work.

Every day, we experience streetscapes and roadways. Integrated plantings and amenities enrich our experience and provide critical environmental benefits. Celebrating people and nature – it’s what we do.

20 Benefits of Engaging Streetscapes:

  1. A connection to nature. It’s our favorite thing
  2. Beauty throughout the seasons
  3. Generous sidewalks connecting people to the places they go
  4. Traffic calming so pedestrians feel safe
  5. An interesting street environment to support retail and street life
  6. Revitalization of adjacent neighborhoods
  7. Integrated stormwater solutions improve water quality and mitigate flooding
  8. A cooler planet with more shade trees
  9. Relief from mental and physical health stressors
  10. Increased biodiversity
  11. Neighborhoods connected through a more expansive tree canopy
  12. Increased property values
  13. Encouragement to be active and healthy
  14. Carbon emissions sequestered in soils and trees
  15. Wider sidewalks that promote more activities – food, beverage, retail and fun
  16. You might just run into someone you know as you walk
  17. Amenities for bikes and scooters as an alternative to driving or walking
  18. A setting to celebrate local art
  19. Furniture that reflects the character of a community
  20. Wayfinding and signage that celebrates a neighborhood’s personality

Stay tuned for our next 20 favorite ideas and follow our social media channels to learn about Floura Teeter’s history and the causes and organizations we support.


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