20 Ways to be Climate Positive

Proposed pop up park for Manchester-Chateau

Climate positive means creating environmental benefits by removing more carbon dioxide than emitted from the atmosphere. For our final 20 for 2020 list, we are highlighting the ways that Floura Teeter, and all of us, can contribute to the creation of a climate positive environment.

20 Ways to be Climate Positive:

  1. Creating vibrant communities so that reducing carbon footprints become easy!
  2. Designing walkable streets to encourage city living and reduce car use.
  3. Creating bike infrastructure to support car-free mobility and riding to work once a week.
  4. Taking public transportation – it saves energy and you might make a new friend!
  5. Saving and caring for existing trees – both at home and in our parks and streetscapes.
  6. Planting new trees to increase carbon sequestration/heat island mitigation.
  7. Specifying green roofs – they provide beauty, habitat and keep the roofs cooler.
  8. Planting native plants to support biodiverse ecosystems.
  9. Installing meadows instead of turf to cut down on the need for gas-powered equipment, improve biodiversity, treat water, and mitigate heat island.
  10. Using carbon sequestering concrete
  11. Specifying low embodied energy materials – those with the least amount of processing or manufacturing.
  12. Favoring recycled and salvaged materials over new materials. Choose materials which can also be recycled after use.
  13. Incorporating local materials to decrease transportation impacts.
  14. Reducing demolition to retain embodied carbon in existing structures.
  15. Tracking carbon impacts using carbon calculators and using them to help make design decisions.
  16. Protecting and enhancing soil function. Use compost instead of chemical fertilizers.
  17. Eating locally and patronizing our fantastic neighborhood restaurants.
  18. Ditching plastic water bottles – buy a recyclable and reusable bottle and bring your own.
  19. Reduce consumption – focus on experiences rather than material objects.
  20. Working from home – we are all doing it – and we are having a positive impact on the climate.
Planting at MSU Tyler Hall

If we each do our part – both in our personal and professional lives, we can only have a positive impact on the ecosystem and the climate. We challenge you to do what you can to help.

We have enjoyed sharing our 20 favorite ideas that fuel and inspire us throughout the year. Follow our social media channels to learn about Floura Teeter’s history and the causes and organizations we support.


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