We Believe in the Power of Community

Working at the nexus of humanity and nature means we have a unique opportunity to influence communities in meaningful ways – ways that change lives.

Community charrette for Florence Cummins Park Gino painting blue shed at playground Floura Teeter provided pro bono design services for the new playground Staff volunteers at Baltimore Station

We hold ourselves to being a visible and vital life force within the communities we serve. After all, what we do is more than create beautiful spaces. We use the power of landscape design to:

  • Bring people together
  • Enhance everyday experiences
  • Support the pursuit of dreams

Our Community Impact Programs

Commitment Through Professional Practice

Floura Teeter actively seeks out projects that will positively affect disadvantaged neighborhoods. Projects that not only present interesting design challenges but also where good design can have a meaningful impact on traditionally underserved neighborhoods.

In working on these projects, we’re committed to participatory design. Our staff includes professionals trained through the National Charrette Institute, which teaches an effective process for engaging communities in the visioning and design process.

Additionally, our expertise in ecology and sustainability are the driving forces that translate our passion for creating growing, thriving, dynamic communities into reality.

Work With Nonprofits & Our Community Grows Here (CGH) Program

Many of our clients are nonprofits and local communities. We understand that their budgets can be constructed from numerous sources, including grants, with specific documentation and implementation requirements. We have experience working with these clients to meet funding requirements, identify potential funding sources, and create phasing plans to minimize cost, disturbance, and time during construction.

Annually, Floura Teeter donates pro-bono services or volunteer hours to local communities and nonprofit organizations through our Community Grows Here (CGH) program. Past winners include the Highlandtown Community Association, Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, The League for People with Disabilities, and CivicWorks. Over the course of the program, we have donated thousands of dollars in services.

Staff Volunteering

Staff at all levels demonstrate purposeful giving of their own time to a wide variety of local organizations. Weekly meal delivery through Meals on Wheels, Board leadership in community organizations and professional associations, and supporting special events at the League for People with Disabilities are just a few examples. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Floura Teeter sponsors multiple families by providing special meals and holiday gifts. The firm encourages this commitment by providing paid time for all staff to participate in the organization or activity they choose.

Floura Teeter has provided pro bono services to The League for People with Disabilities, been an integral part of our campus expansion and even has staff who volunteer at CLUB1111, our nightclub for people with all abilities. They have worked to understand how to best serve our community and have been an awesome landscape architecture partner.

David Greenberg, President & CEO, The League for People with Disabilities