Still Meadow Peace Park Master Plan

Stillmeadow Peace Park Master Plan

Baltimore, MD


Nature Sacred, Stillmeadow Community Fellowship


$34,500 fee


Park Master Planning, Community Outreach, Habitat Protection

Floura Teeter collaborated with the Stillmeadow Community Fellowship and Nature Sacred to develop a master plan and subsequent construction of a sacred space for the Stillmeadow Peace Park.

Ten acres of forested land, located in West Baltimore, Stillmeadow is a “research forest” for the United States Forest Service. Removing ash trees killed or impacted by the emerald ash borer, the Forest Service is working with youth to plant hundreds of trees to study their response to climate change.

The master plan for the peace park merges the rigor of this research project with the spiritual exploration of the fellowship and forge a deep connection with nature. The master plan identifies locations for trails, meditation spaces, group gathering spaces and provides places for respite, reflection and observation.

Project Team